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"7 Ways To Skyrocket Your Lead Guitar Skills Starting Today"

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How To Get Great Electric Guitar Tone

Electric Guitar Tone

All great electric guitar tone consists of common key elements.

A full range of frequencies are indeed part of this carefully calculated recipe.

Quality guitar cables are a must!

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Great Guitar Tone

Great Guitar Tone

Great Guitar Tone Starts With A Great Sounding Guitar, Plugged Into a Great Sounding Amp, Through a Great Sounding Speaker Cabinet.

Then, it’s all about YOU making it come alive with your fingers.

Many guitarists are unaware of these critical factors!

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Guitar String Notes

guitar string notes

Is it important to learn each of the guitar
string notes through the entire fretboard?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Actually, you only need to learn the notes from
the “open note string” to the “12th fret”. Why?

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Robert Lee Molton is the creator of Top Fuel Guitar which is a platform for highly-effective Online Guitar Instructional Products designed to help guitarists become their best. He has helped struggling guitarists achieve success for decades.

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