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Re: Advancing Your Guitar Skills!

Congratulations, you now have the critical "7 Guitar Success Secrets" all within the "Free Book" you just downloaded. (The download link will also be sent to your email inbox).

However, the "Training Videos" go deeper into detail demonstrating the sounds and techniques taught within the modules.

Most people prefer the use of videos within their learning, as they can better understand what is being taught.

The "Training Videos" explain these success elements in step by step detail.

82% of the people who have downloaded the FREE Training Guide, also got the "Companion Training Videos".

These "7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets" (Training Videos) maximize your potential towards Mastering Your Lead Guitar Playing.

It's FAST, EASY and FUN!!

If you're serious about Mastering Lead Guitar, you'll want these Training Videos!

7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets...
"Training Video Course"

Here's What You'll Get Inside This Course:


The Foundation

  • How and Why Success Starts Here!

  • What To Effectively Practice

  • How To Effectively Practice

  • Taking Responsibility For Your Progress

  • How To Measure Your Progress

  • Asking The Right Questions To Strike Gold

  • Breaking Through Roadblocks To Success

Phrasing and Structure

  • How To Approach Phrasing and Structure

  • Question and Answer Methods & Techniques

  • Creating The Musical Story

  • How To Measure Your Progress

  • Speaking The Musical Language

  • Expanding Your Musical Conversation

  • Developing Your Own Recognizable Style


String Bending

  • Develop The Precision Of String Bending

  • Whole Step Bending Upward

  • Half Step Bending Upward

  • Whole Step Bending Downward

  • Half Step Bending Downward

  • What Fingers To Use When Bending

  • Which Way To Bend Strings, Low To High

String Vibrato

  • Identifying When and Where To Use Vibrato

  • Mastering The 3 Common Styles Of Vibrato

  • How, When, and Why To Use Wide Vibrato

  • How, When, and Why To Use Narrow Vibrato

  • How, When, and Why To Use Neutral Vibrato

  • How To Practice To Master Your Vibrato

  • How To Make Your Notes Sing Beautifully


Alternate Picking

  • Up-Stroke and Down-Stroke Synchronization

  • Which Picking Strokes To Emphasize

  • Creating Smooth Legato Patterns

  • Balancing Your Picking Volumes

  • Seamless Non-Picking Turnarounds

  • Hybrid Picking Combinations Using All Styles

  • How To Practice and Master Your Vibrato

Repetitive Licks

  • Understanding Hook Driven Repetitive Licks

  • How To Create Sound Scapes

  • How To Command Your Listener's Attention

  • Create Very Musical Sounding Solos

  • Extending Your Range Of Mode Possibilities

  • Phrase Connecting For Continuous Soloing

  • Eliminate Boring Playing Forever


Mastering Timimg

  • Tighten Your Playing To Be "In The Pocket"

  • Single Note Timing Mastery

  • Double Note Timing Mastery

  • Triple Note Timing Mastery

  • 16th Note Timing Mastery

  • Using The Metronome For Maximum Results

  • Free Form Jamming With The Metronome

Self Discipline

  • How To Overcome Difficult Learning Chores

  • Laser Focusing On The Goals For Success

  • Developing A Structured Daily Practice Plan

  • Mastering Left and Right Hand Mechanics

  • Understanding Your Personal Practice Time

  • Achieving All Your Goals In Bite Size Pieces

  • Pushing Yourself Harder Than Ever Before

  • Creating Inspiration To Drive Your Career

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BONUSES: When you Order Today You'll also Receive...

  • Challenges for Each Module:
    Motivates Action For Successful Results

  • Video & Audio Training:
    Available 24 hours a days

  • Checklists:
    Keeps You On Track, Making Your Success Easier

  • Guitar Software Tools:
    Easy Chord - Guitar Chord Tool
    Easy Scale - Guitar Scale Tool
    Fret Board Warrior - Guitar Note Tool
    Tuner - Metronome - Drum loops
    Pacemaker Audio / Tempo - Pitch - Speed

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"7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets -
Video Training Course"

guar  YES! I Want These Exact Methods and Techniques To Improve My Lead Guitar Playing Starting Today.

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Remember, you have a full 30 days to decide if this video training is right for you.

If for any reason you feel like this "7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets" video training isn't the perfect companion to the FREE Book you just downloaded, and doesn't make you a better overall guitarist, contact me and I'll promptly refund every penny of your investment. My promise to you.


Thank you,
To your Lead Guitar Success,

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You have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain!! See You Inside.


Only $47 TODAY!
(Regular Price) $97


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