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Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner

Be sure to have a Guitar Tuner within arm’s reach at all times. Why?

Because it’s the one thing that you have complete control over that has the potential to make or break the way you sound to your audience.

If you’re a guitarist that cares about sounding your best, be sure to use your guitar tuner often!

If there’s one thing that is for certain in music of any style, any instrument, any genre, is simply that…  if you’re not in tune you’ll never sound your best!

You can be the best musician on the planet, but if your instrument is not in tune you won’t sound as good as you could sound, or should sound!

What makes this scenario even worse is your audience hears it too.

More times than not, your audience won’t even know what’s wrong, but they just know that something isn’t quite right.

Most of the time they simply think it’s the player not playing well.

In fact, the player might be playing exactly what they’ve intended to play, but with the guitar tuning being off, everything that is played is naturally going to less that great.

Now, the opposite also holds true… to sound your best you must be in tune! In fact, being in tune not only makes you sound better, but when you sound better, you usually tend to play better as well.

My ears are hyper sensitive to tuning, and it’s something I’m always listening for.

Here’s where things get more complicated… If you play in a twin guitar band, it’s critical that not only each individual guitar is tuned perfectly, BUT… each guitar must be perfectly tuned to each other.

To complicate matters further, if each instrument’s intonation isn’t spot “on”, then having each instrument in tune with each other still won’t be good enough.

It’s because your chords aren’t ringing true (due to the intonation being off) even though your strings are in tune.

Are you scratching your head yet? This is not at all what you expected to hear right?

Well, it’s a good thing you are here now, and best that you know this now, so you’ll be aware of these issues and properly be able to handle them.

Keep in mind this is also true for your Bass Player. He, or she, doesn’t get a free pass out of this tuning fiasco.

It’s absolutely critical that every instrument has its intonation set perfectly, and that each instrument is in tune with itself and with each other.

If you get this right, something very magical happens… you actually start to sound really good!

Believe me this goes a long way with your audience too! They will be thinking your band sounds exceptionally good, and better than most of the bands they’ve heard.

Yes, it’s true! It actually can make or break the overall sound of your band.

This is especially true when recording. You’ll never get a true professional sound unless your using a guitar tuner often, and your guitar tuning is spot on in the recording studio.

So, get ready to have some work done to your guitars and basses. If you’re not comfortable doing this work on your own, it’s well worth having it done at your local music store.

It won’t be too expensive, but will be worth every cent paid.

However, If you’re comfortable setting the intonation on your own instrument, then use a high quality “Strobe Tuner” if you have access to one.

Strobe tuners are sort of rare these days, because of their size and expense, but is the best tool for the job.

If you don’t have access to a strobe tuner, I would suggest using a “Clip on Tuner”.

Why use a Clip on Tuner?

Well, this has been something that I’ve discovered just within the past couple years.

You see, you can use a regular in-line plug in tuner and still get good results.

However, what I’ve found is that because of active electronics and different types of pickups and all the other variables that factor in with each instrument when it’s plugged in.

I find it’s best to use the natural vibration of the instrument itself.

This bypasses the possibility of any electronic variable coming into the equation. Plus… The instruments own natural vibration give the most organic resonance for the intonation to be set.

I know… It may seem like I’m going to the extreme, but it is that important! AND… It is noticeable.

If you’ve ever set the intonation on a guitar, and have done it many times in the past, then you definitely need to try a Guitar Clip On Tuner. You will be a believer instantly.

It’s just another one of those insider tips that most people would never think about trying, or even consider as being a better tool for the job.

Believe me once you try this, you’ll never look back! it’s the BEST tool for the job!

If you’re interested in getting a Guitar Clip On Tuner, I have the perfect one for you.

Here’ at Top Fuel Guitar we believe in this guitar tuner so much, we had our own custom line of guitar tuners made.

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Talk soon,
Robert Lee Molton

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