How To Build A Guitar Pedal Board

How To Build A Guitar Pedal Board

Today we’ll be building a “Simple but Effective” pedal board from scratch, and won’t cost very much to complete. The method used for this build can be completed in one day.

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Want Killer Guitar Tone?

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  1. 'Metal' Dave Wakeham on March 24, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Hi Bob,

    I hope you are rockin’ out well into spring 2012.
    Back a while ago I was asking you about EQ-ing amps etc, well I’ve put the ‘frequency cut/ volume increase’ method to the test by using it in my thrash metal band both in rehearsal and at our gig we played last, IT WORKED BRILLIANTLY!!!
    I use a flying V ‘rhoads’ guitar with an EMG 81 into a Marshall JCM 800 2203 boosted by a Boss SD 1 ‘Super Overdrive’ (the classic rig!), Even though I can crank the bass to ‘max’ I’ve decided that the ‘freq cut/vol up’ method works best to my ears, and I feel it seems easier on my speakers too! THANK YOU FOR THE ADVICE BOB, I now have the ‘sound in my head’ I’ve been longing for!

    Keep rockin’ Bob!

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