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Great Guitar Tone

Great Guitar Tone

Great Guitar Tone Starts With A Great Sounding Guitar, Plugged Into a Great Sounding Amp, Through a Great Sounding Speaker Cabinet.

Then, it’s all about YOU making it come alive with your fingers.

Many guitarists are unaware of these critical factors!

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Guitar Modes and Improvisation


When it comes to Guitar Modes and
Improvisation, it helps to understand
the major scale positions, and use them
as a road map to travel across the fretboard.

When I use the term “road map”, it’s very much
like an actual road map, showing you how to get
from point “A” to point “B” in numerous ways.

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Pentatonic Guitar Soloing

Pentatonic Guitar Soloing

Soloing over guitar chords can be quite easy when using the minor pentatonic scale.

Add power and attitude to your guitar solo’s with these simple but highly effective techniques.
You’ll be surprised with how much can be done.

Many guitar players start with the minor pentatonic scale when learning to solo.

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Robert Lee Molton is the creator of Top Fuel Guitar which is a platform for highly-effective Online Guitar Instructional Products designed to help guitarists become their best. He has helped struggling guitarists improve their playing for decades.

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