Tapping Guitar Harmonics


Tapping Guitar Harmonics If you’ve heard a guitarist Tapping Guitar Harmonics, then you already know that it does create a beautiful sound especially when done on a clean sounding guitar. However, you can do this method on a distorted guitar as well and create equally cool sounds. Edward Van Halen is definitely someone who has…

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Guitar Metronome Timing


Mastering Your Guitar Metronome Timing Timing is the element responsible for how tight and “in the pocket” your overall guitar playing is. If you have a great sense of timing you’re already a few steps ahead, in terms of being a great guitarist. For some guitarists, timing is something they really have to work at,…

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Guitar Alternate Picking


Guitar Alternate Picking and Legato Rolls When it comes to Guitar Alternate Picking and Legato Rolls, these are tools that you DO want to have complete control over, to use on demand at a moments notice. I like to view this as the throttle controlling a fine-tuned engine. You won’t always have it cracked wide…

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Pentatonic Guitar Soloing

Pentatonic Guitar Soloing

Soloing over guitar chords can be quite easy when using the minor pentatonic scale.

Add power and attitude to your guitar solo’s with these simple but highly effective techniques.
You’ll be surprised with how much can be done.

Many guitar players start with the minor pentatonic scale when learning to solo.

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Guitar Quality Holding You Back?


Guitar Quality Can the quality of your guitar hold you back from being the best guitar player you can be? The answer is sort of tricky because it could be yes and no! Guitar Quality as a beginner, not so much. If you are a beginner, you certainly don’t need a Les Paul Custom and…

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Guitar Warm-Up Exercises


Guitar Warm-Up Exercises As a long time guitar teacher, I often notice that many of my students do not go through any guitar warm-up exercises before they practice their guitar. They simply just pick up the guitar and start blazing on different speed picking techniques or whatever they might be working on at the time.…

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Guitar Modes and Improvisation


When it comes to Guitar Modes and
Improvisation, it helps to understand
the major scale positions, and use them
as a road map to travel across the fretboard.

When I use the term “road map”, it’s very much
like an actual road map, showing you how to get
from point “A” to point “B” in numerous ways.

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Guitar Fretboard Notes


Guitar Fretboard Notes When learning your Guitar Fretboard Notes there’s many ways to go about mastering this process. Many of which are far too complex and over-thought. Having been a guitar instructor for over 20 years I’ve seen a lot a ways that my students have trained themselves to understand the notes on the fretboard,…

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Guitar Stereo Pedals and Pedal Placement

Guitar Stereo Pedals and the order in which they are placed is a critical factor when it comes to your guitar tone. Of course, anything that involves the manipulation of your guitar tone is subjective. However, there are definitely guidelines to follow that can help you immediately. After examining  the theories and methods of three…

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Killer Guitar Tone In 7 Days


How To Get Killer Guitar Tone In 7 Days Or Less Guaranteed! There are many things that affect the tone of your guitar. Some things are more drastic than others, but the truth is that until you understand how this affects you, it’s very possible you are being robbed of great guitar sound right now…

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