Great Guitar Tone

Great Guitar Tone

Great Guitar Tone Starts With A Great Sounding Guitar, Plugged Into a Great Sounding Amp, Through a Great Sounding Speaker Cabinet.

Then, it’s all about YOU making it come alive with your fingers.

Many guitarists are unaware of these critical factors!

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Guitar String Notes

guitar string notes

Is it important to learn each of the guitar
string notes through the entire fretboard?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Actually, you only need to learn the notes from
the “open note string” to the “12th fret”. Why?

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7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets reviews

7 lead guitar success secrets

7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets – Special Report Reviews Hello Top Fuel Guitarists! Thank You for stopping by and leaving an honest review of our Special Report (7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets). Please scroll down below and leave your review in the comments section. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I’ll…

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How To Practice Guitar


How To Practice Guitar Click Here To Play Audio Something that most beginning guitarists tend to do right from start is use too much distortion when they are practicing. Notice I said practicing, and not playing. There is a big difference between how to practice guitar and simply playing guitar. Practicing is working on things…

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