Great Guitar Tone Core Elements Video

To Get Great Guitar Tone you’ll need to start with these 3 critical elements. These elements are the foundation of your sound and you must have these in place to build upon your tone.

Getting great guitar tone is very subjective, and there are many variables that factor in when experimenting with tone. It’s really not possible for someone to say what the best overall sound is or should be. Mainly because there’s such a broad range of music and “musical tastes” that reflect an individuals opinion of what makes an awesome guitar sound.

However, with that said, there are a few things that are common among ALL great guitar tone. The 3 core elements that are talked about in the video above, are very important and you should pay close attention to them when building your sound.

I hope you find the information in the video to be helpful in your quest for Amazing Guitar Tone.

Robert Lee Molton –

Great Guitar Tone Core Elements Video

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