How To Practice Guitar

How To Practice Guitar

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Something that most beginning guitarists tend to do right from start is use too much distortion when they are practicing. Notice I said practicing, and not playing. There is a big difference between how to practice guitar and simply playing guitar. Practicing is working on things that are difficult for you, and playing is having fun playing things that you can already do well.

It’s important to understand how to practice guitar, and the best way to approach your practice is by using a very clean sound. The reason for this is that your playing is put under a microscope so to speak. You can actually hear every little mistake, not to mention it seems like it’s harder to play.

Knowing How To Practice Guitar Gets Results

In some ways it is actually harder to play, but the pay-off is huge if you start doing this right away and get used to it. You see, what will start to happen, is your techniques and abilities grow much stronger because you start to fix and adjust your overall playing techniques to create a much more defined and focused sound. Over time, these adjustments become a permanent part of your playing approach, and it becomes much easier to play cleaner.

As I mentioned earlier there is a difference between playing guitar, and how to practice guitar for maximum results. This simply means when you allow yourself to “Play Guitar” you can cut loose and have fun while playing anything you want, improvising, working on songs, jamming, etc…

Now here’s where the interesting thing starts to happen. When you go for your guitar play time, add the distortion back into your sound but do it sparingly, only to a point where it’s enough, not too much. What you’ll notice is that it seems to become way easier to play all of the sudden, and your guitar tone will be unbelievably better! You can’t imagine the improvement you’ll notice.

The payoff is huge when you understand how to practice guitar correctly.

The reason is because now you’re actually PLAYING the guitar and bringing the tone and sound out yourself, with precise clarity. It’s no longer the sound of massive distortion with tons of flaws and imperfections being covered up.

The sooner you realize the huge impact this will have on your guitar playing, the sooner you’ll start carving a path to personal success within your playing. You’ll begin creating a unique identity on the guitar, and people will start to notice.

When you completely get into this mindset, you’ll start to realize that too much distortion robs yourself of being yourself on the guitar.

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  1. Allan Goethe on February 4, 2012 at 8:28 am

    Bullseye, Your adivce on turning back the distortion is a dramatic change for practice. I have turned back the distortion with the band also. I used very little distortion in the first place but, cutting back even more is tremendous. Now while our “weekend garage band” hooks up, i can actually hear my guitar. It sounds fuller, hard to explain.

  2. bobmolton on February 7, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    Hey Alan, You’re exactly right! This is what I would I would suggest for any guitarist in a band setting. The less distortion you use the better the TONE, and the thicker the sound of the band. Right on my friend!

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  4. 'Metal' Dave on August 24, 2012 at 5:26 am

    Love this article here Bob!
    Your methods for use of tweaking dials ‘properly’ to get the best out of guitar tone are the best !
    With great technique practice (Even of the things I can already do…I can o them BETTER!) and not using distortion / EQ controls as a ‘replacement’ (In hope to get something to so called ‘give me’ an extreme sound) I feel that the tone I’ve always wanted (Which comes from my hands.) goes straight to my audiences ears directly from my guitar!

    I no longer consider whether or not I actually use an extreme heavy sound or a ‘metal’ sound…it’s just a GOOD sound now !

    Keep up the great work on helping the guitar world rock out !

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